Synergy that is Out of this World

When our foreign correspondent in Wuhan reported back that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had teamed up with The Clinton Foundation to mine the data from organic chemical compounds identified in meteorites embedded in a stretch of the Mulan Yunwu Mountain just outside of Wuhan, our first question was who would own the patents.

Time and time again, we have watched as scientists working under the careful direction of savvy business persons have created wealth out of little understood foreign materials by having the courage to forge ahead in countries with the least restrictive regulatory “lameworks.” An entire generation was fooled by the lamestream media’s portrayal of John Hammond’s visionary attempt to resurrect ancient animals for fun and profit. We here at Profesh Biz & Co. recognized that trashy film for the shameless propaganda that it was.

Our Wuhan correspondent has it on good authority that Anthony S. Fauci, Md. is directly involved in the project. We look forward to the aggressive monetization of his work. If it has value, you will read about it here. As always, remember that if it is not making dollars, then it is not making cents.

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