Scott Denton Is a Consummate Professional

Scott Denton’s recent move to the West Coast has the Valley abuzz with speculation as to how he will make use of his latest influx of capital.  Denton’s deliciously named Likesyrup raised nearly 400 million positive units in its Series B round.  Tech writers were stunned by the brilliance of Denton’s early diversification after he opened a Shapeways store selling uniquely crafted items that deftly explored the breadth of his experience with 3-D modelling and design.  He has, reportedly, created and exchanged many of these design units for units of another type.  As we all know, exchanging units is the most important thing any business can do, and if you’re not a business, what are you doing with your life?  Scott Denton, we salute you!

This tech reporter is excited to watch as Denton’s professional business continues to take off in the manner often shown via charts with an arrow pointing up and to the right.  Such arrows are typically red because of a last minute snafu made during a pitch by legendary Dr. Sam Eagle Business, but that’s a story for another time.

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